Usury: The Greatest Conspiracy of all Time

Gottfried Feder, the NSDAP finance minister, was a civil engineer and inherently skeptical about interest and usury. He authored a treatise called “on the abolition of interest slavery”, he argued that interest was tantamount to theft of the productive capacities of workers. He proposed creating a currency whose value was backed by the productivity of the German people. Feder was also fervently opposed to urbanization. Can modern economies function without usury? A modern economy’s wealth, or a premodern at that, is built on the ingenuity of its people. Wealth is a but store of value. Imagine a hypothetical economy. A hundred humans are living on a plot of land. Initially, they all farm, there is no currency, no trade, and effectively no economy as we know. They get up in the morning and and cut the wheat with their sickle, they bundle the wheat and grind it by hand. Once the wheat is harvested they prepare the fields for the next season. They plow the field, add some manure to fertilize it, and plant the seeds. Each farmer is self sufficient, as long as he works each day he is fed. There is no need for money or trade, he is living in an autarkic economy. Then one of the farmers suddenly finds a piece of gold on the ground, all the farmers from the plot come to look. Who is to dig up the ground to search for more gold, the farmers need to farm, they don’t have the time to dig. They decided to invite some nearby peasants out of work and promise to pay the peasants in grain to dig up the gold. The peasants agree and they dig up the gold. What the farmers have done is add a productive unit, a new source of wealth has been harnessed, but it requires energy in the form of food which the farmers need to provide and thus cut back their own consumption or increase their farm output which is difficult without expanding their land. If the farmers had a way to guarantee that the peasants would be paid, then they could save their own food. The farmers are using a small amount of productive currency (food) to produce more productive currency (gold). After the peasants dug up the gold the farmers agreed to share it between them. This is where state force becomes necessary. Humans being selfish creatures will end up harming themselves through pursuing their personal interests. Without the state with the ability to use violence for the common interest, the farmers would invariably fight over the gold. Many of the farmers would inevitably die during the fight and the net result would be less food available to feed the peasants to dig for gold! In this case, state force is only necessary if the farmers have a short time horizon and or lack the ability to make calculated and rational decisions without overriding their natural instincts. The more intelligent people become, the less they need a state to superintend them and threaten violence to make them comply. This is why national IQ is the sine qua non for economic success. Once the farmers each shared the gold they used it as a local currency within their plot.

The single greatest conspiracy in human history is that usury and debt facilitate wealth creation and thus require a functioning economy. This should not even be a question, nor should it require an explanation as it is obvious to any astute observer. But for the usury system to perpetuate itself, it must be drilled into the minds of everyone that debt and finance “lubricate” the modern economy and whose sheer necessity knows no replacement. if a state mobilizes a workforce to produce using tokens as a currency, the workers retain the full output of their labor, with usury, they must expend a portion of their labor to cover the cost of the interest. The same applies to a corporation. Usury is just a tax. of course, one can argue “but if the usury which is tax is reinvested, doesn’t that offset the cost?” No, because the productive value of the worker or entity is still taken and not returned, and the investments of which usury go into nonproductive assets, then it’s squandered. The notion that financial capital is a source or facilitator of wealth production is asinine. Take the African country of Zambia for example, this country is rich in natural resource deposits, especially copper. The value of this copper is tremendous, but without the immense technical know-how and labor productivity to extract it, it is worthless. The African population, due to historical climatic conditions which did not prompt the evolution of powerful cognitive abilities, is unable to master the extremely technical nature of copper extraction. Looking at this predicament, can anyone seriously suggest that issuing banknotes and debt to the Zambia people will somehow allow them to mine for copper? Of course not, such as a claim is ludicrous, yet this ludicrous claim serves as the dogma of modern economic science, of which every textbook repeats and whose curriculum is used to train every generation of “economists” that manhour modern financial system. Curt Doolittle is incorrect that interest is required to facilitate the “organization of production”. Debt is simply a signal, a token to initiate production, such a token need not have an intrinsic profit-producing element to it. Imagine a small country with a highly productive 100 IQ workforce. The country has tremendous natural resources. A state issues credit without interest which is given to each worker or employment entity (corporation) to prospect for the resources. The value of the resources is then invested into durable goods manufacturing creating a robust and prosperous high-tech economy. The interest-free “production token” can be used as a currency and used by the workers to buy items for personal consumption. The prevailing wage is determined by the exact output of each worker, and varies enough to generate “incentives” but to the degree that generates obscene inequality that foments resentment. So this economic architecture can operate without usury but requires a moderate degree of central planning, as market forces do not drive the allocation of productive resources, but productive resources are free to operate with an assigned degree of latitude for maximum specialization and efficiency. Virtually The entire globe is under the control of the current Jewish-based usury system, there is not a nation left without it. If one is to use a rather loose definition of usury, China and Russia could perhaps be excluded from the usury system, since most banks are state-owned therefore the income earned from interest is reinvested into the population. By definition, any regime that is antagonized by the major Judeo-usury powers, the U.S and Europe, can be assumed to be hostile to the interests of Jewish power. As long as interest on debt is not going to a private owner and extracted parasitically, it is possible for usury to be tolerable as its invested and essential only a tax. A tax is not objectionable if it is invested in the commons and accessible by all persons. Taxes in the Western country a criminal as they steal wealth from productive whites for Jews to squander on their dreadful brown pet races. Jack Ma’s attempt to take over the banking system from the party was met with swift retaliation including his total deposal from corporate power. As soon as barter could be phased out in favor of a universal value representation (a currency), one could use these devices to contrive an elaborate and ingenious mechanism. One could grant one access to these tokens and compel them to perform physical value-producing work, a portion of this work could then be harvested by the lender to be used to repeat the process. The lender is extracting a fraction of the worker’s value while producing nothing in return. It would be as if you watched someone build a house and then claimed 10% of it at the end. Debt without interest is not inherently harmful, as debt is simply a signal to deploy labor and materiel. The debt, in this case, would be the state saying to the productive labor pool, “produce X in Y location for Z time frame”. National socialism is not a collection of petty merchants and property owners engaging in trade, it is the organization, maintenance, and protection of a race and group’s productive potential.

This is how usury works. You’re a farmer, there’s a piece of land in front of you, I buy the land, let you use it, and then take 10% of the harvest you produce. I then run away with the harvest and repeat the process. few people actually understand how debt and modern fractional reserve banking actually operate. If they did, there would be a worldwide revolution. It is interesting that only Gottfried Feder, Ezra Pound, and Hendrik Verwoerd could see it. new more efficient ways of doing things are the source of all wealth and productivity. European civilization achieved its great heights through the mental and physical efforts of its people, finance, usury, and mercantilism played no role and probably stifled it. Modern economic science is largely a Jewish fraud. Does anyone actually believe a system that is in reality only an aggregation of labor and materiel can be mathematically modeled to this degree of precision? It’s patently absurd, and only a product of the Semitic mind. modern economies are based on “human capital” and “physical capital” but I would prefer to dispense with the term “capital” altogether, because it implies an intrinsic numerical quality to it, of which does not exist. Few people actually understand Feder. National Socialism is not mammonistic, that is all productive activity is directed in the interest of a collective unit, the state which remains subordinate to the group. National Socialism is not Doolittle’s fantasy of perpetuating Anglo/Jewish usury capitalism into the 21st century. Debt, money, and capital do not exist as tangible entities, all they do is act as a signal or incentive to produce, whether the work is productive or not, they act as a mechanism to deploy manpower. Throughout history, states were not necessarily large enough to perform central planning as in Nazi Germany, so a small-scale mercantilist economy was required. Such a small-scale mercantilist economy requires debt to function, but finding a lender to lender without interest is difficult, so if the state does not control and own the banking entity, the mercantilist society will eventually succumb to the same Jewish usurers that have plagued European kind for millennia.

National Socialism is not an ideologically derived political system, it’s a purely scientific system adhering to evolutionary optima both pertaining to the biological and physical aspects of civilization. National Socialism is simply an expression of the truth-centered Aryan mind. The notion that interest-bearing debt facilitates wealth creation is a chimerical concoction of the Semitic mind. all systems evolve towards favored optima. Aryan usury-free and eugenic civilization instantiate such optima. If the usury race’s favored outcome succeeds, then a long dark age awaits. the inability for modern society to grasp not only that usury is needless, but also inimical (extracting productive labor for its servicing), represents a cognitive failure on a monumental scale. the greatest misconception of our time is on the nature of debt and credit. Credit is used as a signal to organize and mobilize production, it cannot create production, only a signal for its activation. A state can issue unlimited interest-free “production tokens” as a currency. countless governments and leaders have attempted to abolish it using state issued currency, many have been met with swift deposal or even assassination. Usury is the biggest conspiracy in history. Its practitioners have undergone a virtual ethnogenesis, a race-bred for accounting, debt peddling, trading, and profiteering, the name of this usury peddling race cannot be named under the current usury dictatorship. Debt compounds so fast that it rapidly outstrips the ability of the finite underlying productive capacity to utilize it. hence the constant need for foreign imports or mass migration. That is the Semitic usury system creates so much debt with fractional reserve banking that it runs out of consumers to lend to, hence its need for perpetual expansion, either by swallowing entire new lands into clutches, or sucking up the entire squalid masses like a magnet.

One can criticize capitalism from either a moral perspective, or a technical perspective. I have decided to attempt to construct a critique of capitalism from a purely technical perspective. What I am attempting to do is defend the concept of central planning, its efficiency, and efficiency in the presence of high IQ leadership and advanced information aggregation technology. The free market assumes that the most effective way to allocate and mobilize labor, resources, and capital, is entirely through voluntary means. The doctrine of central planning fundamentally breaks from this notion, as it presupposes that a degree of coordination, information retrieval, and economies of scale can far surpass the stupid Jewish free market. It is not just usury that is deleterious. Another pernicious scheme is the layering of profit. In a free market economist system, economic production is deliberately organized to maximum the return on each transaction, generating a trail of transactions that are superfluous, that is can be “horizontally integrated” into one large entity. In the present Semitic system, this entire layer of profit is then merged forming the sum of all returns on the “stock market”. The second ingenuous scheme they have architected is the use of asset price inflation to generate yet more returns without creating value. By using debt to expand the “buying power” of an economy, the Jews inflate the price of goods, assets, commodities, which then need to use debt to be purchased, therefore, more debt is needed to pay for the goods whose price was raised with the same debt! The key pillar of modern-day debt-based capitalism is the deliberate inflation of the price of all goods and services to maximum extractive potential. One has to remember that all of these schemes are only possible by extracting from the underlying productive capacity of an economy, which is based on the labor of the workforce, of which all the profits, asset prices, and valuation is ultimately derived from. Yet another scheme, albeit more well known, is classic speculation. The Jews strategically manipulate the market prices of any tradeable good or commodity by modulating the amount of “capital” flowing into it. By pouring more money into the market, they raise its price, liquidate the asset, and go on to pour that newly liquidated capital to repeat the process capitalizing on the recently fallen price. Gottfried Feder and the German economic revolution. Germany discovered two forbidden truths, the most suppressed truths on earth. The first is that interest or usury is not only nugatory but deleterious and inimical to productivity and intrinsically exploitative. The second important is the discovery that man takes control of nature through eugenics. An important distinction, German eugenics was not “modern HBD” which is just philosemitism. These two discoveries, short and parsimonious, is why we cannot talk about them. Obviously, one of the reasons we cannot talk about the mis because they exposed

“I repeat: it is also not true at all that the abolition of the lordship of interest would lead to the elimination and exhaustion of wealth. On the contrary, the abolition of interest-slavery would promote the creation of wealth based on labor that manufactures goods and produces value” “Money is only and exclusively a voucher for completed labor issued by a community that has its own state. To issue money-tokens is one of the sovereign fundamental rights of the state. The counterfeiting of the state’s money tokens is subject to the most severe punishments; thus it is a quite forceful social demand that the monetary system be placed under the control of the collectivity. The work-power of the collectivity is the sole substrate of money-tokens, and only the failure to appreciate this fundamental fact has led in general to the deterioration of our public finances and to complete anarchy of the monetary system in general. If however we attain the liberation of industries and businesses from the eternal interest-sucker, then the way is clear for the lowering of prices of products, and for the delivery and distribution of surplus value, partly to the community, partly to the laborers, middle management, and boards of directors of the particular enterprises, thus to those that really alone create manufacturing and values. the abolition of interest-slavery would promote the creation of wealth based on labor that manufactures goods and produces value, unburdened and liberated from eternal interest-outlays. The abolition of interest-slavery leads, as we have seen, to a comprehensive lowering of costs in all of life; it unburdens us from the excessive weight of taxation so that for every working man the possibility of accumulating savings must be greater in the future than hitherto. One more thing! The goods and values-producing nationale conomic labor of industry, commerce, and trade is in no way hindered, but fostered to the utmost through the abolition of interest slavery. I cannot repeat often enough: interest on bonds for possessors of small and medium amounts of wealth is a swindle, a self deception, a running around in circles, but big capital through its devoted press has quite diabolically propagated and proclaimed in all the world the faith in the sanctity and inviolability of interest. It allows everyone seemingly to take part in the lovely, anesthetizing consumption of interest, in order to lull to sleep the bad conscience that must invariably accompany idle, laborless consumption of interest – and in order to recruit comrades for the struggle, for the defense of this highest good of Mammonism”

Gottfried Feder, NSDAP economic theoretician.

What the German National Socialists attempted to do was unthinkable. They attempted to overthrow the entire Semitic financial system, a parasitic beast that sucks the life out of the hard-working gentile society. Hitler cogently said that “a lack of money would not stop them if they had the men and materials”. “Hitler not only engaged in barter trade which meant no discount profits for bankers arranging bills of Exchange, but he even went so far as to declare that a country’s real wealth consisted in its ability to produce goods; nor, when men and material were available, would he ever allow lack of money to be an obstacle in the way of any project which he considered to be in his country’s interests. This was rank heresy in the eyes of the financiers of Britain and America, a heresy which, if allowed to spread, would blow the gaff on the whole financial racket”. Hasting W S Russell, Marquis of Tavistock.

If ever need makes humans see clearly it has made the German people do so. Under the compulsion of this need we have learned in the first place to take full account of the most essential capital of a nation, namely, its capacity to work. All thoughts of a gold reserves and foreign exchange fade before the industry and efficiency of well-planned national productive resources. We can smile today at an age when economists were seriously of the opinion that the value of currency was determined by the reserves of gold and foreign exchange lying in the vaults of the national banks and, above all, was guaranteed by them. Instead of that we have learned to realize that the value of a currency lies in a nation’s power of production, that an increasing volume of production sustains a currency, and could possibly raise its value, whereas a decreasing production must, sooner or later, lead to a compulsory devaluation”. Adolf Hitler

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  1. Dear: : For a millennia God forbade USURY and then made it explicit in the three Books: Torah,Genesis and Koran..I an proud that in 1991 I filed a petition with Pakistan’s Shariat Court and won an order prohibiting USURY. USURY is simply: UNDUE MULTIPLICATION OF WEALTH OF ONE INDIVIDUAL WHILE SHORTCHANGING ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL.SO LONG AS YOUR PROFIT IS REASONABLE AND WHATEVER EXTRA YOU MAKE BEYOND YOUR NEEDS AND PLOUGH THAT BACK TO GIVE OTHERS NOT SO FORTUNATE AN OPPORTUNITY AT EQUAL RESOURCES, you have made ALLAH happy….and HE will reward you in the hereafter. Pakistan now has only a single rate of banking profit not multiple profits.Everyone in the Islamic world is now following it. FAST TRACK,the world would take about 20 years to adopt the system given in Islam and be much happier. ISLAM says, share,share,share.. Make a society that provides equal resources to everyone. There would be no crime,greed,hunger or anything,

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