Hello, Welcome to this website. This website is managed by Christophe Pochari, inventor and designer of all the concepts and technologies listed.



Christophe Pochari Energietechnik is the sole inventor and developer of the world’s first pneumatic self-tensioned guyed tower technology.

Because Christophe Pochari Energietechnik receives a large number of inquiries about selling concepts that we write about on the website, we would like to kindly ask prospective interested parties to be serious and committed before contacting. We do not offer free consulting unless it is related to the technology being proposed. Viewers should note that all articles on this website are about concepts the author sincerely believes are technically possible with extant human knowledge, but they are not physical prototypes nor are any of their performance claims guaranteed. All concepts and ideas can be mathematically vetted with existing theory, but humans are not infallible, we cannot guarantee anything, it is up to individuals willing to take immense risk to develop something in the real world. If you are interested in making money alone, this is not for you, you have a greater chance at the Las Vegas Casino than in invention and technology development! Interested parties are encouraged to perform their own analysis. Christophe Pochari Energietechnik is a self-funded company and financially independent, we do not derive any commercial benefits from our ideas, thus have no conflict of interest.

Christophe Pochari is in the process of writing a book with a novel thesis that all man-made technology shows natural parallels and that nothing is “artificial”. All technologies are merely clever exploits of nature’s laws, and nature produces only so many things that can be exploited. The book is critical of the modern view, primarily since the advent of the nuclear bomb, that man can become omnipotent and even omniscient, and can develop a “theory of everything”. Other views, primarily propounded by the “Singularity” crowd that humans can become immortal, develop intelligent machines (true artificial intelligence that is self-reflective), or can generate fusion on earth, are scrutinized and ultimately belied. In the book we attempt to explain why invention and broader technological progress virtually ceased in the 1960s and has slowed down to a crawl. The book discusses how all phenomenon that are useful to man, are ultimately electrostatically active, and can be detected with electronic means. This has immense implications for what can be discovered in the future. We also attempt to explain why the invention of useful machines happened only in England. The book discusses the fatal flaws with special and general relativity theory, indeterminism (quantum mechanics post Planck), particle discoveries and the so called “standard model”. We discuss the prospects of an electric universe, gravity as an extension electromagnetism, electrogravitics, parapsychology, and finally propose a novel solution to the Fermi paradox. The word “dynatology” is Greek for the “study of possibility”. Currently, about 1000 pages is complete with another 1000 to go, the book should be published on Amazon by 2024.


Office location: 21108 Hummingbird Ct, Bodega Bay, CA 94923, PO BOX 716

Mobile (primary telephone): 707 774 3024 (please contact by email first, we do not have a secretary yet!)

Email: christophe.pochari@pocharitechnologies.com


Visit the splendid Northern California Pacific Coast!

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