Some recent changes to Pochari VED technology

I’ve made some recent alterations to VED technology for helicopters. These changes include stretching the capsule from 36″ to 75″ to accommodate a stretcher in the longitudinal direction being offered as an option. In previous versions of VED for EMS operations in mind, the capsule was designed with a stretcher configuration perpendicular to the length of the helicopter. This meant the stretcher, typically being long enough to accommodate a tall person, had to protrude through the doors on each side of the capsule, provisions for this include specially designed doors with a “bubbles” on each side. Although the size of the capsule is nearly 70″ long, only minimal accommodation was needed. This design also posed some additional limitations. The previous design restricted the ability of the medics to freely move between the front and rear section of the fixed portion of the fuselage. This could potential hinder the medics from performing interventions and monitor the patient on both sides of the stretcher. As such, two versions of VED technology will be offered, with the difference being solely the length of the capsule. The image below depicts a VED fuselage configured with a 36″ wide capsule.

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