small scale personal powerplant for cryptocurrency mining

Pochari Technologies’ “Personal Power Plants” (PPP) is a small scale waste to energy plant designed to provide reliable continuous electricity directly at the source allowing consumers to bypass the centralized grid system that we currently rely on. Traditional methods of generating power independently from the grid have focused on “renewable” sources such as wind or solar. These power sources are spasmodic due to being highly dependent if not entirely dependent on climatic conditions, thus are unable to provide an uninterrupted reliable source of electricity. Pochari PPP is designed to provide 24/7 affordable electricity regardless of local climatic conditions. The powerplant is a state of the art rankine cycle steam system. The incinerator is capable of utilizing a wide variety of fuels, ranging from C&D, MSW, TDF, Coal, Wood pellets, shredded asphalt shingles and more. The power unit is a Rankine cycle steam turbine utilizing a multistage reaction turbine for higher efficiency. The generator is a high efficiency AC alternator. The entire system is packaged in a compact form providing a ready to use kit designed to fit in an undergound concrete storage unit that can be installed in the backyard of a typical 2000 sqft residential home. The total size of the unit is estimated to be 85″ x 105″ x 35″. Since the unit is stored underground it will not take up additional space on the consumer’s premises. The underground storage unit is designed to minimize sound so that the unit can be operated in noise sensitive areas. The estimated cost of the fuel will vary depending on the type, but C&D derived fuel is guaranteed to be inexpensive, approximately $30/ton when collecting, processing and transporting costs are accounted for. Tire derived fuel can be purchased in large quantities for a similar price but providing significantly higher energy density than wood based fuel. TDF fuel contains a specific heat energy density of 8800 Kwh/ton. The desired fuel will be delivered by Pochari Technologies’ to the customer’s location. At an estimated 1500 KW/hr of net electrical energy per ton of fuel for TDF the annual fuel cost is expected to be $1200 plus an additional $600 for quarterly fuel delivery. For total electrical production of 50,000 Kwh/year, the net price per KWH is an extremely competitive 0.036 cents per kwh. The estimated acquisition cost for the unit is $10,000-15,000. At 50,000 kwh/year estimate electricity grid costs are going to be $6,000/year or $500/month for the nationwide average. In higher cost states such as California the annual price for 50,000 Kwh would likely be in excess of $13500/year. For the nationwide average electricity price the pay off time will be only 2.5 years at 50,000 Kwh/yr. In high cost regions the payoff time is significantly reduced, a little over one year. This technology would result in a 70%+ reduction in electricity costs in most regions of the U.S. In higher electricity cost nations or U.S states such Hawaii or California the savings could be as much as 87%.
This technology would be highly attractive for the Cryptocurrency mining community in fact Pochari Technologies foresees the cryptocurrency mining community adopting this technology as soon as it becomes more widely available. It’s fair to say the Pochari Technologies’ PPP system is a revolutionary technology that promises to completely transform power generation. We believe this technology will “democratize” power generation for the first time in history.

3 thoughts on “small scale personal powerplant for cryptocurrency mining

  1. Hi Sir,
    I’m interested in your Personal Power Plants” (PPP) to be use tropical country remote area.Could you please give to me further informations about specifications and purchase terms and conditions ?


  2. An alternative power generation technologie such PPP, would saved lifes and wildlifes from consummering society mess un remonte area as mine affected by global climate change. That make rethink about the mean of globalisation.


  3. Good day,

    I am seeking for Waste To Energy Plants for our projects across our country of South Africa.
    Could you please indicate if your company exports the product.
    Your kindest consideration and response will be appreciated.


    Mike Joubert
    Group C.E.O.

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